USF Slocum Gliders


  The University Of South Florida College Of Marine Science's fleet of Slocum gliders, produced by Teledyne Webb Research and operated by the Center for Ocean Technology, enhance the College's ocean observing efforts. Gliders collect cost-effective 3­D information on ocean environmental variables providing unprecedented value in a number of applications such as improving numerical models for ocean forecast, validating satellite observations, and mapping the 3­D structure of harmful algal blooms. The gliders traverse the water column using buoyancy generated propulsion, allowing them to repeatedly cycle the water column in a saw-tooth pattern while transiting hundreds of kilometers over a period of weeks. USF's five gliders are each equipped with a CTD, and most have enhanced optics and acoustic payloads, including fluorometers, dissolved oxygen sensors, radiance / irradiance sensors. Four of the gliders are rated for 200m and the fifth is rated for 1000m.  

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